I want to thank you Brad for my first lesson, you made me feel comfortable from the start with the level of my game and didn't get upset with my grip changing from time to time.Thank you for being patient and thorough with me. I had a great experience with you and am looking forward to our next lesson. The simulator is an excellent tool for lessons.(especially during the winter) I will definitely be recommending you as you are the best golf instructor
-Matt Lock of Matlock's Painting Service www.matlockspainting.ca

Last evening I had the pleasure of meeting and taking a golf lesson from Brad. Right off the hop he set the tone and pace with some humour and great strategies. I had a very serious accident which left my hand badly damaged, Brad altered my grip, after only 10 practice swings, I was striking the ball much more consistently. He made a couple of minor adjustments to my address and posture, again better balance and increased club head speed.
I have taken lessons from other “teaching” pros, none of whom can teach like Brad. His encouragement makes me want to practice and work harder to improve my game. I know a great teacher when I observe one (35 yrs. In the education field) this guy is fantastic. I look forward to my next lesson and reducing my handicap."
-Wayne Wallace School Principal       **Read a follow up from Wayne below**

Hey Brad
I just wanted to up-date you on my golf game. The fantastic lessons you gave me and the time you put into helping me has had some great results! My first golf game of this season, I scored 116 for 18 holes. I listen to what you said and practiced on the range. Last week I shot an 89 on the same course, Cedarhurst in Beaverton.
I can't thank you enough for helping me become a better golfer. The success I have had is directly related to your instruction.
-Wayne Wallace
I am writing to let you know how happy I am that I decided to take a lesson from you. Your advice regarding my grip, alignment and posture have put me on track! After some time away from golf, I could have struggled a long time with my swing without your help. Thanks Brad! 
-Scott Whittaker Financial Security Advisor
Brad I wanted to thank you for the lessons that you provided my wife. After only her third lesson she has much more confidence addressing the ball and in her hand grip and in her ball striking ability. Golf is much more enjoyable for her now (and me). She is already looking forward to learning more at future lessons. THANKS from both of us.
-Warren Howes
Hi Brad,

Thanks for the first lesson that you gave me. After the 4 small corrections that you made to my grip, swing, posture and balance my game immediately became more consistent. My first game out after the lesson was 10 strokes less than my previous game. I'm sure that as I practice what you taught me my game will continue to improve. I'm looking forward to my next lesson to work on my short game!
-Doug Collins

Hello Brad Would like to thank you for the golf lessons, your teaching method was informative and not intimidating As a new golfer I now have better understanding of all the clubs in the bag and how they are supposed to work. Now I just need daily practice to improve my game more then it already has, since taking your lessons
-Charlie Archdekin